शनिवार, 5 नवंबर 2016

सूर्य (छठ) देव को पूजा भोली साँझ देखि सुरु ....

       A big Hinud festival is going to start from tomorrow evening. This festival is celebrated only in the month of November each year. They worshiped the Sun to keep their families and the member of their families safe and happy. In this festival, one of the member has to be in fast for two days. They started to cleaning their house and the outside together. As you can see there are verities of fruits and food they prepared for this festival. No body allowed to eat and touch the fruits and food which is made for this festival. They live outside of the village or house and they all go the bank of river or pond and stay whole night. They only come back after seeing the sun Next morning.

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