बुधवार, 4 मार्च 2020

लाइन में जाना छोडो । डब्बे में पैसा डालो और बैंक में डिपाजिट करो । देखो पूरा वीडियो ।

How to deposit money drive through in U.S. ?

     Because of the technology, we don't have to go inside the bank and stay in line for an hour then deposit money. Now, you can just stay in your car and go to the bank and put your money in the glass container and deposit your money easily. 

     You may no believe that you can deposit your money that way. Please watch this video and analyze how it is possible to deposit your money into the bank within one minute and you don't have to come out from the bank. If you guys not believe me then please watch this video. 

     I am writing this post because I want you to know that how the technology have taken the place and kicking out the human from the job. 

    So, the main purpose of this video is to inform you that how a developed country like America using their technology to serve their customers. If you like this post then please hit like button and get more information in the future. 

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