How To Save Money On Car Insurance

How To Save Money On Car Insurance

If you are a first time car buyer then you must be looking for a cheaper car insurance or try to save some money so that you can pay more mortgage for your car. Learning how to reduce or save money on car insurance is the main goal of this content.

Here are the few tips that you can follow to reduce your car insurance and win on the price that most of the people do not even consider before they buy the car. I was the one who made a big mistake to not search how to reduce car insurance payment. I can tell you that I was new in United States and no one told me either how to save some money on car insurance.

Today you will receive at least 10 trick to save your money on car insurance. Please follow the top 10 procedures before buying an expensive car insurance.

1. Search for Multiple Quotes

Searching for the multiple quotes from at least twenty companies is a good start. Make sure you write somewhere your all quotes from different company. Compare the policy that they offer and then see your car value. you should be able to judge how much you should pay them by taking some data from different companies.

I can tell you on of the best secret tools that works for is to look up quote near by your zip code insurance company because being closer to the agent could save some hidden fees. With tools like secrete, you can get so many price difference between all those companies near you.

2. See What Kind of Car You Are Going To Drive In 2020

As I have mention above, the price for insurance could go high or low. It depends upon how much or what kinds of car you are buying. According to many people, annual rates could ranged from $1000 (a car like Honda, Toyota, Nissan) to $ 3500 (Mercedes, BMW, Tesla).

You can always estimate your insurance cost using online tools. If you have already an old car then you can call your insurance to give an estimate.

3. Make smart choice on your deductible

Insurance company are always clever enough to take out extra money from customer by not telling all the coverage on policy. Sometimes you will be paying for those thing that you don't even need. For example, if you are living near by your work place then you don't need to pay for premium coverage. You can buy liability. Again, this is just an example. You can always ask them that where you can reduce your payment.

4. Merge Multiple Policies

Many people don't know this trick. You can save lots of money if combine multiple policies into one. Here is the trick how you can do this. If you have a family members or friends and if they have same insurance company then you all can combine together and you all can save money.

Not only that it also helps them to reduce the workload and much easier to work with one career. You all get discount because you all are the customers with one career.

5. Get Discount for Different Things

If you drive safely and if you don't hit anyone within a year then your insurance cost will get decline every year. Not only that if you are a good driver and if you don't drive too much mile every month then there is discount for not driving to far. For this, you need let them know so that they can provide a little device to track your car activity and if your car match with their requirement then you can get a big discount.

There are many more discount that you can claim for such as:

  • Good student discount
  • paperless bill
  • Multiple car
  • Accident free 
  • Your zip code
6. Consider About Coverage

I might be repeating this point again and again only for reminding you how much you can save your money on your insurance by not have unnecessary coverage. For example, if your car get older then you can reduce your coverage from premier to liability. I am saving at least $80 dollars per month now by not having full coverage because my car is now five years old. And I don't thing I have to have all those unnecessary coverage. So, this is the most important point that you should consider according to your judgement. 

7. Pay By The Mile Only

Now, it might be funny for you but yes this is true that you can pay only for what you have driven. Nowadays, many states are offering this type of scheme to attract the customer. This is only apply in certain state. So please check with your agent or ask them.

8. Ask For Semi-Annually pay Discount

You might get sock how much you can save just by asking a single question regarding the full payment or semi-annual payment. I pretty sure that most of the states have few or big discount available on receiving big buck at once and giving discount to their customers. Please ask or see if you can pay all money or some money at once and save few additional bock.

9. Big Changes When You Change City

I almost forgot to mention the most important point. If you want to save 30% on your insurance car then you should consider about moving from one city to another city. If you are living in a small city and considering to move in a big city where lots of accident happen then be ready pay more money because your insurance will go high as you move from small city to big city.

If you want to save money then the small city is win part for your side.

10. Drive Smart and Save Money

This is a $100 worth tip for you and you might get surprise. It is true that you can always keep low premium low by driving safely and avoiding traffic tickets. Not only this, you can also reduce your premium by allowing your career to track your millage or your driving activity.

These are the best and smart tip for all of you who are either going to buy insurance or buying a new car. I have written this content based on my 10 years of experience. I am the one who has never received even single ticket and off course no accident. The result is that I am paying way less than any others.

                                If you follow all these tips, you can always save a big buck.


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