state farm insurance reviews

                               Is State Farm Good Insurance ?

    I think many people have this question. I can totally understand that it is always to have a look for the review if you are going to buy an insurance for your car, rent, and house. It is always good to review before purchase anything including insurance. 

    First thing first people have many options to buy an insurance in market but choosing the right one is always hard. That is why I am here to help you to make a good decision on how to choose the right insurance. I used to be a customer of another insurance before State Farm. I did not realize that how much I had spent money on insurance before I switch with the State Farm. Now, I am not a seller or an agent of this company but I am a loyal customer of State Farm. 

    I have been with them for almost 9 years. I have been using this insurance for that long and I can tell you that I have a good experience by being with them. I never would like to switch with another insurance because of the following reasons. 

1. Good Customer Service: 
          I should not say only a good customer service, I should say an excellent customer service they provide during the whole year of my experience. Whenever I call them they are there to pick up the phone. Not only that, they are very active and they jump on the case right away. 
2. Claim Processing Time:
          For any insurance company, you may know that how long they take to process to get you back with you if something happened with your car. This is the only one company that can resolve your case quick and fast. I have involve in many cases. For example, hit by other, hail damage, hit and ran while my car was on parking lot, accidently hit coyote etc. 
          In all of the above incidents I was the winner and receive money from them. The reason that I receive money or check because I had a clean driver record and I never made a single mistake in all those incidents. I can tell you that I received $6500 check when my car has hail damage. They gave me that check after waiting for 10 minutes. This one was my best experience with State Farm.  

3.  Coverage
          You can get so many coverage just for the less amount. I am not paying them more than one hundred including me and my wife. Also, I am getting a coverage for my renter. Again, I am not the one who is trying to sell their insurance I am the one who are telling base on the experience with this company. 

4. Convenient 
          They are the one can take your payment late if you call them and let them little bit early. They are the one who wants to work with to work with your situation. You can pay them whole money at once or pay then in half. This is the another best thing that I like being a customer with them. 
I have told you everything that I have experiences with this company. Now, it is up to you if you want to be a customer with them or not. 

In the mean time I can also help you to save too much money. For this, you have to read this post. 


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