सोमवार, 20 मार्च 2017

असिना ले गर्दा सप्तरी जिल्ला को जनजीबन अस्तव्यस्त

Saptari Nepal, March 7
                       Due to the heavy hail fall on Monday evening, farmers of Saptari has been struggling with heavy lost. According to them, a rain started and right after that they started to see some hail. They were not expecting that the hail will make them a heavy lost. They said that they had never seen that much hail falling in their whole life. This is the first time that the hail fall happened in Tarain.
   Jandoul, Bakdhuwa, Kanchanpur, and Tengari have been affected by this hail in the Saptari district.

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