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Top 10 points to make higher GPA in College or University

     To make a good grade, you really have to work hard. It is not like high school or community college. It is way harder than the high school or community college. Some people easily maintain the good grade as they come directly from the high school but some fall really behind. It is necessary for all of us to make a good GPA for the future job opportunity. GPA play a vital role in any job market. Not only that, some companies have even a high cut off GPA. For example, there are lots of private gas companies have minimum 3.5 GPA requirement . You won't be able to apply if you don't score in the range of 3.5 or above. It is my suggestion is to not fall back and maintain your good GPA and do not lose a good opportunity. To do that you may have to follow some steps and I am very sure that it will always help you to maintain your dream. Top 10 little points can bit the job market Take daily note in the class Pay very close attention to your professor Ignore the back seat i

Swami Narayan Hindu Temple in United States

This is a Hindu temple of Swami Narayan located in Houston Texas. I made this video because I want to share with you and highly recommend you to visit and feel peaceful. I usually go there even I live very far from this temple. I have been there almost 3 time already and every time I go there I feel blessed. I also want to tell you that I had never seen like this temple anywhere in my life. It is very attractive temple and it has the architectural design just like you find in India Hindu temple. You will pray early in the morning and have some enjoy moment outside of this temple. We know that we all have so many stress already here because of the busy life and we all need peace. There is one thing that I want to remind you that the decoration and the design of this temple is amazing. I recommend every Hindu devotee to visit there at least one time in your life if you are in United states.   The Video : Swami Narayan Temple Houston Texas          People from all ov

Three places you must visit in Nepal

         Nepal is the most populated country for the tourist purposes. As you may have noticed that there are so many people from all over the world are eager to visit Nepal at least once. Nepal is not only popular for the Mount Everest, it is also very popular for the ancient temple and these temples are located mainly three place in Nepal. Those three places are Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Janakpur. Kathmandu:  Picture has been removed for the copyright purposes           Kathmandu is the main city in Nepal. By now, there are so many people have migrated here in Kathmandu from everywhere in Nepal. Most of the people come to the Kathmandu are either so poor or rich. The purpose of this text is to convince you that to not get trap on hand who cheated a lot. As you can see on the picture, this is a temple of Shiva and it is located near by the International airport in Kathmandu. If you go to Nepal, you won't miss this temple because you will see this temple on the way to your h

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