Top 10 points to make higher GPA in College or University

     To make a good grade, you really have to work hard. It is not like high school or community college. It is way harder than the high school or community college. Some people easily maintain the good grade as they come directly from the high school but some fall really behind. It is necessary for all of us to make a good GPA for the future job opportunity. GPA play a vital role in any job market. Not only that, some companies have even a high cut off GPA. For example, there are lots of private gas companies have minimum 3.5 GPA requirement. You won't be able to apply if you don't score in the range of 3.5 or above. It is my suggestion is to not fall back and maintain your good GPA and do not lose a good opportunity. To do that you may have to follow some steps and I am very sure that it will always help you to maintain your dream.

Top 10 little points can bit the job market
  1. Take daily note in the class
  2. Pay very close attention to your professor
  3. Ignore the back seat if you can because lots of disturbance might come from your neighbor 
  4. Buy a calendar and put your submission date on it
  5. Try to finish your project before the due date
  6. Speak in class because it helps you to pay close attention
  7. Go to the professor office hour
  8. Do your homework without looking any solution
  9. Practice at least four times before you go to take the test
  10. Ignore the party if you can specially if you are in the engineering school
If you have any concern about this post, please try to leave the comment on the comment box. I will look up and try to reach you as soon as possible. Based on my experience, it is very useful resources for those who are seeking to make a better grade on the higher education. Also, if this post will bring your dream true, then please share it.


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