TABC Sting Operation Experience In a Gas Station

TABC is out there for sting operation. I have been working for long time in a gas station. I have more experience than the other people. I have had trapped by the TABC sting operation four times. Luckily, I have never gotten the ticket from TABC. They failed to trapped me every time. I am happy to share my experience through this article. I am going to share with you only two amazing moment that happened with me during the sting operation.

The first experience when I was 22 years old. I was new in United States. I had heard about the TABC but I had never seen them before. I was serving as a cashier at the counter just like I was doing every single day. A girl and body builder man entered into the store. I did not pay attention because they were in civil dress. They seems to appeared like a customer. The guy went to the corner side and the girl came to the counter.I said, "how can I help you?". She said, "can I buy a Marlboro light short box ?". I said, off course. I said, "can I see your identification card please ?". She pull out and showed me the identification card. Carefully, when I looked her identification card, she was about 16 years old. Then, I said, I so sorry I can not sell it to you. She left the store but TABC in civil dress came from corner side and said, "you did the good job", I am from TABC. I got shocked.

The second experience that happened with me is the most recent one. It just happened on July 11, 2018. I was taking some customers just like I did it before. A little cute girl and about seven feet man entered into the store. The good thing is to always keep your eyes at the door. It helps you to track who is coming in and leaving the store. The action of those girl and officer was almost the same as I have mention on the top. This time, that girl show up at the counter with single beer.  I asked for identification card with her just like I had asked with another girl before. When I looked her identification card, she was 17 years old and came to buy beer with TABC officer. I avoided selling beer and at the right moment officer came to me and said that I was there and I watched everything but you did good job. If you would like to see a girl, go to another place, try not to fall in love with beautiful girl. A unknown girl show up at the store could approve as your life killer.

In conclusion, working in a gas station is just like going in hell. If you can, then stop working in a gas station. There are lots of opportunities out there for you to make more money and less risk. People who expect less income at the beginning and join the college and learn something can make lot more than people who will be working at the gas station getting less pay. I rather suggest people to join college. If there is no possible to join the college then learn technical skill such as electrician, painting, and mechanics.  



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