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Matrix Multiplication in C++

                     Matrix Multiplication in C++       Many People have had hard time finding or multiplying 2D matrix. I also had a bad experience while I was learning C++. I have spent so much time to work on it and make it easy as much as possible. I basically searched many website and I could not find any website which could make me satisfy. I can Tell you that this code is very easy to understand. I have taken a simple example and worked on the paper and then wrote neat and clean code so that way it can help you all to understand easily. It is working just fine. I would like to share this code with you today. Please share with your friends if you like the way I have done it. If you have any type of comment please do not forget to drop in the comment box. Here is the code.  Here is the result :  As you can see I have taken 3 for loop which helped me to figure out how to multiply a 2D Matrix. I have started from 0 which I have called it i, j, and k. My A[0][0