The best coffee place near downtown Houston

The Best coffee places near Downtown Houston 

If you are new to Houston and looking for the best coffee shop near you then I highly recommend going few places. This blog will give you the best rated and most people visited places near to the downtown area. I was new to Houston and I was just like you and searching for the coffee places but someone sent me the wrong place. But don't have to worry about now because this blog will tell you the best and most rated coffee places near you on the base of some people recommendation. So, let me tell you one things if you go there and you will get good service then please let them know about this blog. 

The best coffee places near to the downtown are the following:

1. Minuti Coffee

Minuti coffee is a an Italian coffee that served in a several types of hot and iced specialty beverage and served with unique pastries. This coffee place located at the heart of downtown area. The address and map are given below. This coffee shop has over 4.4 rate on google. 

Address: 909 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002, USA

2. Tout Suit

The Tout Suit is the second highest famous in the downtown area and the good thing is that you can order it using your GRUBHUB account. You can find here like Macarons, cupcake & other backed goods in a coffeehouse setting with community tables and the best WiFi service. The google rate of this coffee shop is 4.3 which is lower than the above but it has more facility to serve you.

Address: 2001 Commerce St #2379, Houston, TX 77002
Direction: 2001 Commerce St #2379, Houston, TX 77002

3. Louise Coffee

The Louise coffee is a European-style coffee shop that serve like coffee drinks, sandwiches and deserts. The location of this shop is at the Green Street and this coffee shop has 4.5 rated which open from 9 am to 5 pm. The address and location are given below.

Address: Green Street, 1201 Fannin Street ste 125
Direction: 1201 Fannin Street ste 125  Houston, TX 77002



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