Top 10 bloggers who make Billions of dollar

Top 10 bloggers who make Billions of dollar 

     We all know that making money all the time could be hard for lots of people but for some people it is easier than you think. I am going to list all top 10 bloggers that make billions of dollars just by posting text on their website and make tons of money. 

1. Arriana Huffington - Huffington Post

      She is one of the most known blogger in the world. She started  her blogging in 2005 and choose her topic about politics and life. This blog gradually attract lots of eyeball and now she is top money maker blogger in the world. She is able to make more than $1 billion dollar just by posting and talking about politics and life style. The main source of her income is coming from sponsorship banner ad. 

  • Name of CEO: Arriana Huffington
  • Started date: 2005
  • Global rank: 487
  • Blog post visitor: 132.5 M
  • Monthly Income: $41,670,000 

2. Peter Rojas - Engadget

     Peter started his blog in 2004. Peter blog post a bit different than Arriana. He was game player and after sometimes, he decided writing blog about what he had experience from what he enjoyed on the game. His main purpose of this blog post is to cover gaming, gear, events, and review the technology used products. 
  • Name of CEO: Peter Rojas
  • Started date: 2004
  • Global rank: 771
  • Blog post visitor: 52 M
  • Monthly Income: $3,960,000

3. Rand Fishkin - Moz

     Rand Fishkin started his blog in 1998 and name his blog as Moz. He was helping other people about search engine and at the same time he was writing an articles about marketing visibility and performance. He is also a famous blogger just like others one. 
  • Name of CEO: Rand Fishkin
  • Started date: 1998
  • Global rank: 6033
  • Blog post visitors: 6.1 M
  • Monthly Income: 3,740,050

4. Peter Cashmore - Mashable

     Peter started his blog in 2005 and become famous by earning bunch of money. His articles mainly focus on technology, culture, events, travels and many more. The main source of this blog post income is giving ad in different types of formate. 

  • Name of CEO: Peter Cashmore
  • Started date: 2005
  • Global rank: 1374
  • Blog post visitors: 25.7 M
  • Monthly Income: 3,330,000

5. Michael Arrington - TechCrunch

     Michael started his blog in 2005 and became popular by choosing his topic on technology news sharing platform. He reviews all the products that just landed on the market like apps, gadgets, cellphone and many more. 

  • Name of CEO: Michael Arrigton
  • Started date: 2005
  • Global rank: 1442
  • Blog post visitors: 29 M
  • Monthly Income: 1,870,000

6. Brian Clark - CopyBlogger

     Brian Clark started his blog in 2005 and his blog post is a bit different than any other blog. The main purpose of his blog is to giving advise about current marketing problem. He just started his blog with little bit money and now he is able to bring home about more than 2 million dollars per month. 

  • Name of CEO: Brian Clark
  • Started date: 2005
  • Global rank: 29674
  • Blog post visitors: 767 K
  • Monthly Income: 2750000

7. Mario Armando - Perez Hilton

     Mario started his blog in 2005 and now his website known as controversial gossip website. The main source of his income is coming from various type of website. 

  • Name of CEO: Mario Armando
  • Started date: 2005
  • Global rank: 7898
  • Blog post visitors: 6 M
  • Monthly Income: 575000

8. Peter Rojas - Gizmodo

Peter started his blog in 2002. The main purpose of his blog is to cover the technology and design. He become famous when his website outrage the rank and started making money just like any other blogger. 

  • Name of CEO: Peter Rajos
  • Started date: 2002
  • Global rank: 751
  • Blog post visitors: 77 M
  • Monthly Income: 541, 000

9. Vitaly Friedman - Smashing Magzine

     Friedman started his blog in 2006 and now he is known as best designer for the web site. His blog post focus on web design and web development. If you need help on this topic please go to his website and ask question related to the web design. 

  • Name of CEO: Vitaly Friedman
  • Started date: 2006
  • Global rank: 13800
  • Blog post visitors: 4 M
  • Monthly Income: 430, 000

10. Cyan Clare - Tuts+

     Cyan started his blog in 2008 and now he is known as best adviser for website design and web development. 

  • Name of CEO: Cyan Clare
  • Started date: 2008
  • Global rank: 1500
  • Blog post visitors: 17.9 M
  • Monthly Income: 175, 000


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