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state farm insurance reviews

                               Is State Farm Good Insurance ?     I think many people have this question. I can totally understand that it is always to have a look for the review if you are going to buy an insur a nce for your car, rent, and house. It is always good to review before purchase anything including insurance.      First thing first people have many options to buy an insurance in market but choosing the right one is always hard. That is why I am here to help you to make a good decision on how to choose the right insurance. I used to be a customer of another insurance before State Farm. I did not realize that how much I had spent money on insurance before I switch with the State Farm. Now, I am not a seller or an agent of this company but I am a loyal customer of State Farm.      I have been with them for almost 9 years. I have been using this insurance for that long and I can tell you that I have a good experience by being with them. I never would like t

How To Save Money On Car Insurance

How To Save Money On Car Insurance If you are a first time car buyer then you must be looking for a cheaper car insurance or try to save some money so that you can pay more mortgage for your car. Learning how to reduce or save money on car insurance is the main goal of this content. Here are the few tips that you can follow to reduce your car insurance and win on the price that most of the people do not even consider before they buy the car. I was the one who made a big mistake to not search how to reduce car insurance payment. I can tell you that I was new in United States and no one told me either how to save some money on car insurance. Today you will receive at least 10 trick to save your money on car insurance. Please follow the top 10 procedures before buying an expensive car insurance. 1. Search for Multiple Quotes Searching for the multiple quotes from at least twenty companies is a good start. Make sure you write somewhere your all quotes from different comp

Coronavirus Symptoms

The symptoms of Coronavirus are different from people to people. Some people get the symptom late and some get little early. In most cases we have seen all the similar symptoms which are given below.  1. Cough :            People who get affected by Coronavirus may start cough within a week and it gradually increase day by day. This is the first symptom that the people who get virus. This is the early stage and people should not wait for long time. The time frame of this symptom is between 7-14 days. 2. fever:         Fever is the second stage of the Coronavirus. People may experience having fever after start coughing. This symptom is called second stage. We also suggest to not wait till it gets worse. People who are getting this symptom should contact with the doctor or they should go for free check and you can call them at 211.  3. Tiredness:       Tiredness is also third symptom that you can feel it. Some people may don't experience the above symptom but they ma

Highest death toll by country due to COVID-19

As you can see or may notice that due to the Corona virus the death toll has been touch the pick point by the Wednesday. The picture and that has been shows in the above has been taken from the death row tracker.  People in the United States still not taking serous about this Corona virus. Some states has been affected a lot but some has little less than compare to the other states. The highest contagious state is New York city. The second highest state is New Jersey. Other than these states are having less than 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID - 19.  Texas is one of the big states out of 51 has less than 9000 confirmed cases. The number of cases is being increase daily. People are expecting to see more cases in this states. The reason for being spread of corona virus is because people are still not seem to be serious about it. They have been closed big business and restaurant. For example, Mall.