Highest death toll by country due to COVID-19

As you can see or may notice that due to the Corona virus the death toll has been touch the pick point by the Wednesday. The picture and that has been shows in the above has been taken from the death row tracker. 

People in the United States still not taking serous about this Corona virus. Some states has been affected a lot but some has little less than compare to the other states. The highest contagious state is New York city. The second highest state is New Jersey. Other than these states are having less than 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID - 19. 

Texas is one of the big states out of 51 has less than 9000 confirmed cases. The number of cases is being increase daily. People are expecting to see more cases in this states. The reason for being spread of corona virus is because people are still not seem to be serious about it. They have been closed big business and restaurant. For example, Mall. 


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