iPhone 12 Pro max buyer must check these features

     It is good to have an expensive phone if you can afford. At the same time you need to know what are you buying and what not to pay for. Here I am going to show you 12 important things. These strategy might help you to decide if you want to keep it or return. So, lets have look what are all those things that you want to see in you lovely iPhone 12 pro max. 

    1. Check your batter capacity (return it if not showing 100%)

    1. Setting 
    2. Go to battery and tap on it
    3. Tap on batter health
    4. look at the number of your max capacity 
       It should say Maximum capacity 100%. If this number is below 100 % then that means   there is problem with your battery and you should return you new phone. Remember: this apply only on the new iPhone. Do not accept even if shows you 99%. 

    2. Enabled optimized battery charging                   
      1. Setting 
      2. Go to battery and tap on it
      3. Tap on batter health
      4. Enable optimized battery charging
      Doing so, iPhone  actually optimize the charging of your battery. If your iPhone battery charge hit 80% then iPhone is going to throttle the speed of the charging to make sure the charging itself is not damaging the the actual battery in the long term and it helps your iPhone keep nice and healthy battery for very long period of time.  
    3. Enable raised to option feature

            1. go to setting 
            2. go to display and brightness
            3. make sure to enable raise to option enabled 

    It will help you to check your current message or notification. It happened when you lift your iPhone from table even if your iPhone is on sleep mode.  

    4.  Enable auto lock

                1. go to setting 
                2. go to display and brightness
                3. scroll down and 
                4. tap on auto-lock
                5. make sure your auto-lock set to 30 second

    This feature will help your iPhone battery healthy and productive. If you set up for more than that then your iPhone will be running for no reason. 

    5. customize or add widget

                      1. swipe towards your left 
                    2. press and hold 
                    3. click on + sign 
                    4. then choose your widget 
                    5. drag the widget you like

    6. Turn of auto brightness (by default it is on auto-brightness)
                1. go to setting
                2. select accessibility
                3. go to display and text size
                4. scroll down and and all the way to bottom
                5. disabled auto-brightness. 
By doing so you can control the brightness manually. 

    7. Set up your face ID 
                1. go to setting
                2. select face id and passcode
                3. give your passcode 
                4. enable all (iPhone unlock, iTunes, apple pay, password autofill)  also scroll
                5. enable require attention for face id
                6. enable attention aware feature 

    The feature 5 and 6 helps you to protect from unlocking by using your face while you are sleeping. 

    8.  Disabled allow access while locked 

            if your iPhone is not disable all these features then anyone can enter into your phone and change certain things. To prevent from all those things follow the features which are given below.     

                    1. go to setting 
                    2. select face id and passcode
                    3. enter your passcode and scroll down and disable
                    4. today view, notification center, control center, Siri, reply with message
                        home control, wallet, return missed call, USB accessories. 

    9. Disable vibration to extend battery life. 

                    1. go to setting 
                    2. go to sound and haptics
                    3. disable vibrate on ring 

    This feature will help you to save battery because you don't want to keep your phone ringing and at the same time vibrating when someone will be calling you. 

    10. Enable new picture in picture(PIP) option 
                    1. Go to setting 
                    2. go to general
                    3. tap on picture in picture 
                    4. make sure that it is enabled

Doing this will help you to watch your YouTube video or any type of video on the little size window on your home page and at the same time you will be able to work other things. 

    11. Restrict access to apps to your family member on your iPhone

This feature will allow you to permit or not permit whenever you want to hand your iPhone to your family member. It is a very good feature that almost everyone need to enable it. So, let's go to : 

                    1. setting 
                    2. scroll down and go to 
                    3. screen time and at the bottom
                    4. set up the screen time pass code and then click on 
                    5. content and privacy restrictions 
                    6. tap on iTunes & app store purchase and set up the passcode and 
                    7. disallow people / member from deleting, installing, and in app purchase 

    12. Customize your control center .
                           1. go to setting 
                        2. go to control center
                        3. choose all the control from more control and it will 
                        4. get added to your control center. 



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