How to create apple developer certificate?

To create apple developer certificate, follow the following instruction
    1. open keychain from search
    2. go to keychain access 
    3. click on certificate assistance
    4. request a certificate
    5. insert email
    6. insert name
    7. click on continue

Now, go to apple developer
    1. click on certificate, identifier & certificate
    2. create a certificate by clicking on + sing
    3. select ios distribution 
    4. click on continue
    5. click on choose file and upload your certificate
    6. click on download and allow
    7. click on add

Create app id inside developer account 
    1. click on identifier
    2. select app id and hit continue
    3. write in description 
    4. paste your bundle id here
    5. hit on wildcard -> continue -> register

Create provisioning profiles
    1. click on provisioning profile
    2. click on + icon
    3. click app store under the distribution and then hit continue
    4. select app id from drop down menu, and hit continue
    5. write down your provisional profile name 
    6. finally, click on generate. 


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