World Largest Petrol Pump

Buc-ee's - The Largest gas Station in the nation

       Buc-ee's is the largest gas station in the nation. They are located in the Central, South, North, and Southeast area of Texas States in the United States. The founders of this company are Arch "Beaver" Aplin III and Don Wesak. The main office of this company is located in the Lake Jackson, Texas. Their main goal was to open up the largest convenient store and have the largest and clean restroom. I know, it is sounds like funny but that is what it is build for.   

         I have personally been to this place many times when I travel to Austin. The most largest store that I have seen is the one by the highway 290. Now, they have 36 stores in Texas but they are gradually increasing. If you go inside, you will feel like you are in the huge grocery store but not in the actual gas station. It has more than 80 gas pumps, 1000 parking lots, and more than 80 soda fountain dispensers. Moreover, it has one of the largest car wash in the world at 255 feet long. Take a look the image below and imagine how big it would be.  

     As you can see in the image that it covers such a big area. This is a private company which first opened in 1982 at the Lack Jackson, Texas. This store was named as the best restroom in America in the year of 2012. Please keep reading it. It has lot more information that might get surprise. It has 71 toilets and a good number of worker whose main job is to clean the restroom 24 hours a day.  

     You can find the best service with fuel, coffee, beverage, beef jerky, snacks, car wash, ready to go food, varieties of clothes, home décor, outdoor items such as gift etc. The good news is that they keep the lowest price all the time. You can see almost 50-100 people going in and out all the time.   

     The main purpose of this company is to give a best service with cheapest gas price and clean restroom. I personally went to this store and I am truly telling you that they keep clean forever. I have been to this location at least five times and I found the best restroom ever.  

     The grocery prices are amazing here. You may find the cheaper than the HEB, Walmart, and Sam's Club, Kroger etc. They always keep their gas price lower than anyone else. 

     I strongly recommend to go at least one time there just for exploration and observe them. I promise you that you will love this place.  

    If you are from another country and if you don't get chance to see it then I have one video that I have recorded my self and I have put on YouTube. Here is the one that I took the gas and recorded with my Go Pro Max. The language that I have used in this video is in Hindi but you will get to see surrounding. 
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