If you think that it is an easy to pass US Civic Test now then you are not correct. Now, the test question has been increases and now it is not an easy to pass US Civic Test. Now, I am not trying to scare you but I am trying to give an information a head of you. Yes, It was easy before but now it is not that easy to pass because they have add so many questions and those questions are not even easy. 

    for those who knows little English might experience a hard test. Not only that, It could be very challenging for those who also know the decent amount of English. They have extended the test from easy to hard. It has been done and have been apply to those who are applying for US citizenship now. 

    Now, there are 128 questions and before there were only 100 question. Before, the questions sets were easy and short and it was easy to remember but now the questions are big and some people may not understand what they are trying to say. 

    If you want to pass this test and then you may to find another option and those are available now. I am going to tell you some app that are available on App Store and play store. You can download these app and prepare for your test. 

    This apps is rescue  for those who are not that good in English. You can download now and prepare for the test. 

Why do you want download this app ?

 Because you can find lots of features where you will not find in any other apps.

Some features are given below. 

- Select any states

- It has quiz that is designed based on random number 

- You can cover and uncover your answer 

- It has been designed to help you pass the test

- You can listen audio 

- Available for all 50 states 

This app is available on google play store. It has been downloaded by many users and up to now it has a good review. I am very sure you will like this app because it has designed the way to help pass United state citizenship interview. 

Get it on Google Play

Now, if you are iPhone person, then you can download the same app from App Store by clicking on this badges. 

Download on the App Store

There are additional features on app store app:
- This app contains four languages (English, Spanish, Hindi, Nepali)

- It has quiz that is designed based on unique random numbers 

- You can cover and uncover your answers 

- You can review all 128 questions on your way

- You can listen audio 

- Available for all 50 states 


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